Nokia 112 flash problem

Nokia 112 come in phone lock problem
and when i flash this error come


connect phone on selected interface…

Core : V2.17 , bb5xg flashengine : V10.0

selected flashsettings : Manual
check flashfiles, please, wait…

Files set for flashing :
Mcu : Rm837__03.51.mcusw
ppm : Rm837__03.51.ppm_mh1
cnt : Rm837__03.51.image_mh1_059p3h7
flashing phone now…
[gen] rules accepted for : Xgold generation
check files done…
-> swversion check skipped : Dead mode selected
dead mode is selected
waiting for usb device…

-> if windows say "unrecognized device" / operation not start
-> or if phone start charge – just reinsert battery
-> if flashing freeze – reinsert cable/battery and try again
— press phone’s power button or insert usb cable! —

connection opened successfully

if boot init : 0xf0
if resp len : 0x0a
if xcpuid : Xgold 213 [xmm2130 quantum]
if resp data : 1fb300020303010100ff

sending ebl loader …
Ebl loader ok, 01
ebl loader ready, aa
sending ebl …
Ebl sent ok
ebl : Quantum_bootloader_10.50_m1s1
speed accepted, use 6.500.000
flashid : 89008289
flic conf set, rst set
boot done!

Check keys…
Detected wrong image! Stop killing phone!!!!

Connect phone on selected interface…