nokia lumia dead boot proublum

here is log

ATF JTAG v1.0.15.8544 (6/17/2015)
Default language ID 0x0409, LR 14
JTAG Interface Connected, S/N 0x0B457B23
Resetting and Exploring JTAG chain…2 Device(s)
Device #1 ID 0x4BA00477 IR4
Device #2 ID 0x207D00E1 IR11
Loading AFP (Please Wait)…OK
AFP revision 4, compiled 7/4/2014 5:07:00 PM

================================================== ========
Phone Type : Lumia 520 RM-914
CPU Type : Qualcomm MSM8227
Storage Type: eMMC 8GB
Boot Package: 3056.40000.1408.0007 (BIG BOOT)
================================================== ========

1. Make sure JTAG Connection is 100% OK
2. Always Disconnect the Phone BATTERY
3. Connect USB Cable to Phone
4. Connect RJ-45 JTAG Cable to ATF Box
5. Select the Correct Phone Type RM-XXX
6. Use RESET JTAG button to check the JTAG Connection
7. Click RESTORE BOOT button to Start Boot Repairs

Resetting and Exploring JTAG chain…1 Device(s)
Device #1 ID 0x4F1F0F0F IR4
Restore Boot…
Waiting for Device Connection 15 second(s)…OK
Resetting and Exploring JTAG chain…OK
Halting Core with 100ms Delay…OK
Initializing Device…OK
Detecting eMMC #1 ID…Powered eMMC Not Found, Responce 0x00FF8080