Nokia lumia x2 ds flash fail

Connect phone on selected interface…

Core : v2.17 , NXP FlashEngine : v5.0

Flash Mode : OEM Boot Update
Check and select files according selected FlashMode

Ok, Set : rm1013_2.0.0.11_059V782_001_01_rawprogram_unsparse _ui.xml
Ok, Set : rm1013_2.0.0.11_prog_emmc_firehose_8x10.mbn

Dead Mode is Selected
1. Phone should be Off!
2. Press and hold ‘Volume Down’ button
3. Insert USB cable and hold button, until phone will be detected

Get Phone Initial Info
Product : MSM8610
Version : 0.5
Serial : A370C29D

[FireHose_Error] : Error while set RAW mode (SBL Erase error)! Try flash again in DEAD mode

Flash Error
Break flashing!

Connect phone on selected interface…

Phone found!
Nokia X Platform Phone detected
Read info… Ok

i am using windows 10 and driver set to emergency downloader but still i’m facing this issue…why is that error even phone has been detecting with working flash files ?