nokia sl3 is bid boom

all user know this time nokia box only 2 teem atf and infuinty

sl3 is 2009 boom
no any teem to solve this one how to dricet unlock these modle
and this time to start 2016
and after sl3 nokia XL and lumia
unlocking is big big boom

2 teem is working on nokia tool
but he dotn solve for unlocking

just flashing tool on world

infuinty and atf is same teem for JAF box odion teem

but all time jaf is lunch unlocking
after dead jaf box not unlocking for any teem

all user need all nokia modle for unlocking

and all user is watch who is f1st for these nokia modle unlocking support on box
time to start fir 2016 and sl3 is 2009 :D:D:D:D