Nokia SL3 Rpl Solution Ready

all user.
in market a lots of SL3 nokia BB5 phone with corrupted imei.
Like 123456789 or xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

we got the solution to fix it.

here some introduction and some question of answer. it repair corrupted imei like 1234…………..?
Answer: yes.
2.the service support all nokia phone?
Answer: Support only BB5 phone.
3. the service supported dct4/dct4+/lumia phone imei ?
answer: Not supported now but we working on it
4. is the service can change imei?
answer: No
5.what we need?
answer: just ask file
answer:24 hours max to order?
answer: submit order here is software or hardware ?
answer: it is software service
Nokia SL3 RPL(Imei) solution

if you need more help regarding the issue.pls mail me [email protected]

best regard
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