not work virus remover

Action : Remove Malware/Virus
1.Remove Battery, Insert usb cable, Insert battery
2.power off Phone, Remove & Reinsert Battery , insert USB Cable
(In Case Some Phone Required to hold bootkey)
Waiting for Phone Usb…
Phone found [ USB Port:COM15 ]
Connection Done.
Read CPU Info…
CPU_ID: 6592
CPU_SW: 0000
uploading boot image to RAM…
Handshake received from Phone.

Action completed
Time taken : 00:00:11
Reconnect Battery/USB Cable
CS-Tool Ver 1.38

not open any app manger

i tested many phone in cstool all are faile

mmx a075 faile
mmx a67 faile
virus remover faile
nand cpu not support

till now no any sucsses report in my saide
producvt support =silly answer
am not newbey

i think i wasted my money