oca machine settings

Hi for everyone,
I bought Newest Vacuum OCA Laminating Machine with Built-in Pump and Compressor / No Bubbles No need Autoclave Air Bubble Removing Machine /.
I am beginner so no experience. I did try before using loca, not bad, but now I ordered new OCA machine. I did try but I am not really happy, air bubbles comes at the edges. There is some settings, may could someone how to set that machine??? I cant found proper manual on net… In the settings I can adjust only procedure time, no pressure. There is 4 procedures with time I will post picture later.

I read this forum, peoples has the same annoying problem with bubbles.

Ok I will try to write my steps.

1. Removing old cracked glass & polarizer film to get the best results.
2. Cleaning lcd (dust free 100%)
3. Applying polarizer film (vacuum laminating maschine)
4. Applying OCA on LCD (vacuum laminating maschine)
5. Applying new glass on OCA (MOULD)
6. Putting to OCA maschine
7. Machine finish after 10 mins, 2-3 bubbles comes always :D, later after 2-3 hours 5 small bubbles comes more…