Octopus Samung Sprint Unlock (+) sign removal outgoing call/MMS Fix

I have had these numerous issue with unlocked Samsung Sprint phones. Customers deal with it but it takes away potential profits of returning customers.

>Outgoing calls failing (+) plus sign added to incoming numbers in call log
>assistance removing the ‘+1’ from my incoming calls:confused:
> How to use Prefixer

If you have a Sprint device such as the Note 5 Domestically unlocked and you are having issue with the incoming calls coming in
in the 34 456 432 13. for outgoing calls they may not complete due to the device trying to dial out internationally.
1. Download PREFixer (by 253* BELOW)for th android Playstore ( Free Version/ but I’m using paid version)
2. Next download the a scan application from app store if google scan is not installed by default
3. Once all is downloaded open Prefixer
4. In the bottom lower left hand corner tap on the circle with a cross
5.Click Scan ,Now the scan app should appear
6. On a PC or Another device go to the Prefixer GooglePlus Discussion (were there will a few QR Codes to scan with the Outgoing and incoming rules already preset.

Link for Rule 1 Click here

There are more rules in discussion just click
It is necessary to scan a code for each rule. At the least you should have one rule for outgoing and one for incoming. Do not stack multiple rules as the can wreck havoc if not deleted. I recommend scanning one rule at a time and testing from a phone you know previous incoming call would come in the international + format .

To solve the issue with MMS/SMS No Pictures after unlock

1> Download Google Hangouts and install
2> Change the default messaging app to "Hangouts"
3> All Done
4> I recommend you removing the default messaging app from the home screen of the phone as the user may use it again and android os will ask do you want to change it again.

Thanks and I hope this Helps some OCTOPLUS USERS other out.
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