one M7 ATT check keycard failed, sd init failed.

I have two one m7 for s-off, etc.

on one of them I receive check key card failed on the opther I receive SD Init Failed

I repaired the clip, using image2015.img and using also image.img files, and the result is the same.

I rçerased the .CRD file from the clip and let the software create it when it prompts, after you attemt write the sf.txt file, and teh result is the same.

phones are differents, one is bootloader reloced and says tampered and hboot 1.44, this one is the one which says check keycard failed.

the other has a higher hboot 1.53 I think, and it always says sd init failed.
it knows it has an SD because when you power on in hboot mode it starts to check card to find update files.