One Touch POP S7 unlock done with model One Touch POP S3

PHONE: One Touch POP S3
Port: ALCATEL HS-USB Diagnostics F003 (COM42)
Build id: MPSS.DI.2.0.c11.1-00013-M8926DAAAANAZM-1
Compile Date: Nov 5 2014
Compile time: 22:26:39
Release date: Jun 04 2014
Release time: 23:00:00
IMEI: 8644590skyulock70
Reading, wait.
Backup saved to: C:\Documents and Settings\fullunlock\My Documents\NckMain\backup\alcatel_android\One Touch POP S3_864459021069870_simlock_backup_2.bin

Simlock Status:
SIMLOCK[0] Unlocked
SIMLOCK[1] Unlocked
SIMLOCK[2] Unlocked
SIMLOCK[3] Unlocked
SIMLOCK[4] Unlocked
Start direct unlock, wait….
Direct unlock done.
Please restart phone.