oppo imei null repair 100% done

Some preparations for operation
1.Insert phone SIM card
2.Power on phone please
3.Turn off flight mode
4.Phone USB mode is enabled
1.Select the mobile’s USB debugging.
2.Please input 15 bits of IMEI and click button Write IMEI.
3.When software shows Searching port,please power off mobile phone with battery inside and connect to box with cable.

COM port searching and preloader handshake.
Connect port COM11.

COM port searching and preloader handshake.
Connect successfully.
CPU TYPE:MT6572, E01
DSP Firmware Version:2000.00.00
DSP Patch Version:1.0
Software Version:MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V62
Hardware Version:OPPO72_W_KK_HSPA_HW
Audio Version:Unknown
IMEI success.
>>Write IMEI done.
use volcano new method

only thx button:D:


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