Orro G20 not working

I have a phone ORRO model G20
Spreadtrum 7710G

Supported in cm2spd by selecting corresponding..PAC file

I downloaded .PAC file from needrom .com

I am not 100% sure the flash file is for the phone, but the web site claims it is its stuck flash file.

The phone has a user code and I just want to remove it.

Am getting this error:


========================= Start =========================
                19/01/2016 / 12:03:23
Card found: S/N : 7557D196 , v0129
Chinese Miracle II  [SPD module] v 1.13

Loading    : 7710_4.1.2_c913w_huiteng_orro_v01.pac
CRVersion  : BP_R1.0.0
PacCPUinfo : SC7710G
PacVersion : 7710_4.1.2_c913w_huiteng_orro_v01
FastCheck  : 0x10AACFAB

Loading files ...

File : fdl1.bin
File : fdl2.bin
File : nvitem.bin
File : u-boot-spl-16k.bin
File : cp_fdl.bin
File : DSP_DM_G2.bin
File : SC7702_sc7710g2_modem_dualsim_dcxo_rel6_XXAB.bin
File : boot.img
File : recovery.img
File : system.img
File : userdata.img
File : logo.bmp
File : logo_samsung.bmp
File : u-boot.bin
File : SC7710G.xml

Load Ok!

Start  at : [19/01/2016 / 12:04:26]
Operation : Read FullFlash [ v1.13 ]

1. Remove battery. Insert battery back
2. Press and hold 'VolumeUp' and 'VolumeDown' keys
3. Insert cable

 ====  Wait for phone...

Phone found! [ 102 ]
Port Opened
InitBoot Done [ 0x81 ] , Ver : SPRD3
Sending FDL
[Info] : If SW freeze here more, than 15 seconds - remove cable
PickUp loaders from pac
FDL Ready!
Boot Ver : Spreadtrum Boot Block version 1.1
Boot Ok!

FlashMode Set : Error Init FL mode!

At this point the software hangs forever…
when I remove the cable I get:


Unknown structure detected! Something went wrong 🙁
If phone work normally - check correct selection (Model,FlashType)!

and software stuck again until I reopen it