Passfeed – will STD rates skyrocket?

I’m honestly scared to get on Passfeed hookup app after what I’ve heard. I’m now reading and hearing stories where people start chatting and simply say "meet you at this carpark" or women Passfeeding in bed, and simply telling some guy she’s just met "i’ll leave the door unlocked" and the guy rocks up, does it and leaves without the woman even getting out of bed. How could STD rates not increase with this going on?

I’ve always had a phobia of catching genital herpes because condoms don’t do much to protect against it, and supposedly 1/8 people have it. However, you’d think that this figure must be going up with what’s happening on Passfeed, and online stuff.

give it 5 years and it’ll be ¼ people have the herp (HSV 2)

HSV1 (oral herpes) is severely weakened if it is not established in its site of preference – nerve cells near the ear. It’s very rare to have more than one outbreak if you get hsv1 downstairs, it loses its strength. I’m far more worried about HSV 2.

80% of people have HSV 1