Pemove Password & Patern lock without removing data 99% working solution

Pemove Password lock without removing data 99% working solution ( in many phone)

How To :
#1. Download “Aroma File Manager” on your PC.

#2. Place the downloaded file in the root directory of your device.

#3. Boot your device into “Recovery Mode” using specific key combinations.

#4. From there, select “Install zip from SD card” option and give a path to downloaded “Aroma File Manager”.

#5. Flash the selected file.

#6. Now, you will get “Aroma File Manager” opened in the recovery mode.

#7. In the Aroma File Manager, navigate to “Settings” > “Scroll upto last option” and click on “Automount All Device on Start” > “Exit Aroma File Manager“.

#8. Follow the “Step 4 & 5” again.

#9. Once again, you will get “Aroma File Manager” opened.

#10. Now, find and navigate to “Data Folder” > “System Folder” > Find the “gesture.key” or “password.key” for pattern lock or password lock respectively.

#11. Delete that particular key from your device.

#12. Exit the Aroma File Manager and reboot your device.

#13. Once your device is rebooted, you will notice that “Pattern or Password Lock” is still there. No worries, use any “Pattern or Password Lock” to unlock it and don’t forget to note it.
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