Phone technician wanted – Australia

Hey all- I am looking for a phone technician to work full time with my repair business. We mainly fix iPhones and iPads and also android phones.

First up this is the offer.

– you will have to buy into the business totalling $ 65k USD which includes immigration and legal fees for your 3 year working visa.
– you must NOT have a criminal history
– you must be able to prove you have technician skills and it is advantageous if you have micro soldering experience.
– must have international drivers license

The 65k USD pays for the following and following fees
– 457 working visa in Australia for 3 years legal fees
– purchase of tools and company branded vehicle

You will be on the following:
– working no more that 42 hours a week and must be able to work a minimum of 5 days.
– you will be receiving a minimum of $ 500 per week pay for the 1st year.

Please contact me on Skype or pm through the forum my Skype – jv0010

By all means as a further security measure you are welcome to use your own lawyers to write and confirm contracts and even elect Australian legal representation for piece of mind.