please address to this man Celumania

please address to this man Celumania

profile link :

he offered me usa icloud clean service 1-5 days 138$

to test him i give him 1 imei to remove icloud

i give him order December 30 2015

1-5 days over

now 8.1.2016

his server is


i try to msg him daily in skype no reply

i seen he come in online but no reply i got

now i wish to clear

if any one know about him pls tell me

if i m cheated no problem

i just give him 70$ in his paypal

but the main fact is trust. i received only 1-5 days from my client.

now the situation is

i can not keep my commitment to my customer.

if can not do my job just can tell me. i will process it to my old source

who is always stable..

pls team help me to get catch the person pls

i have all proof

so if team ask i will ready to show here