Please beware a cheater named vertex777 on skype

Please beware a cheater named vertex777 on skype : vertex777

Details about cheating :
he contact me on whatsup and offering icloud service instant to 24 hour
and said u can pay after imei unlocked offer was good but i tried to verify his gsmhosting id which he gives me this :

after 1 day he said his service is ok but my imei is blacklisted or whatever he cannot refund need wait to cancel it
5 days later he contact me for nck and z3x pro activations and said ill pay at ur paypal once u done
i have activated his tools and now he is not doing my imei also not paying
from last 22 days he is not avaiable on whatsup and skype too

kindly beware from him if he not replied me 8 days more i can able to block his tools have all Serial Numbers too

He Cheated me By his fake id and on whatsup his number is +212679644553

i already giving me him 15 days time on whatsup now he is not replying me from last 22 days and not available on whatsup as well

i m going to wait 10 days more else ill block his boxes..

can u suggest mods should i public SN details here ?
i dont want to be bad with those users who are actual users and they have boxes