Please please octopus team solve our problem

after online uprate phone have reboot problem I download latest flash file from octopus support and face to bellow problem

Checking data…OK
Platform: LG Qualcomm
Selected port: COM104
Selected model: F180L
Searching Diagnostic Ports…OK
Reading info…
Model ID: LGF180LAT-00-F180L20s-LGU-KR-JUL-01-20130
Android version:
Battery level: 56%
Mode: Emergency
Model ID: BS/J1U/1
SW version: LGF180LAT-00-V20s-LGU-KR-JUL-01-2013+0
Product ID: PT01S121222005244
IMEI: 354282-05-415848-6
Opening "LGF180LAT-00-V30c.oct"…OK
Initializing flash…OK
Reading partition…OK
Writing PrimaryGPT…Failed!