Pls mod address these issue

pls mod kindly address my brothers(olubolajames) issue with allunlockgsm he has so many jobs on is website that says success and all not done at all and he doesn’t responded when reached you can check so much similar complain about him on is thread and forum and just because my brother warned forum member about him and he was banned these is something very important ALLUNLOCKGSM SHOULD BE CHECKED please for everybody safety meanwhile olubolajames gave me lots of chat,video and picture proof with allunlockgsm but i don’t know how to upload it or if its against forum rules so pls at any demand of proof let me know i have bunch of it….we understand there can be job delay but not ridiculous delays and not done and says success with nooo support once that happens he doesn’t respond again….thanks …………….no problem with the ban on him if thats the conclusion but ALLUNLOCKGSM activities should be checked please.