Point to one “Cheater”

It is well know that clean is not stable which lead lots of problem recently, we can see the complain increase everywhere and most of them is related refund or payment.I was also "cheated", but I m still digging out a proper word which fit Cheat and better than Cheat to describe these so called "Cheater" because the "Cheater" never says not give back ur money, just need time.

Today, I would like to point to one person first, he own me 600+ usd for more than 3 months, the reason is he has some faimly issue. I do not think I need some proof,some friends already know who is he when I just put the reason here. I also should say I do not want to do like this when I was told u have family issue, it is OK for me to wait, after all 600+ usd can not impact my businees anything, and I also would like to help you in case of you.

But everything changed when I know you own more and more friends, it comes to be completely another story. CAN YOU PLZ LET US KNOW WHAT IS EXACTLY UR FAMILY ISSUE IS ? *** is watching everything you
do. I m not sure ur life will go to hell or not, but one thing I m pretty sure, u r pushing ur genuine customer/supplier to others. even u change to another name to restart ur business, everybody will know soon, after all it is a small business world.

At last, no matter what is ur decision, this world will never change, I still continue with my honest business, u can still keep ur silence together with ur disappered Viber/Skype