Possible solution for error 53?

I had a phone that was previously stuck in itunes (due to error 53) that I just successfully restored in ios 9.2.1. Not sure what happened, trying to *******te it now. A few notes:

-The phone was a gold phone
-The home button was silver
-IOS is 9.2.1.
-I believe it’s not original home button because fingerprint sensor is still not working
-Phone was previously water damaged
-After I inputted a second phone to try a popup came up showing "iphone server update) or something like that, I eventually clicked stop, but haven’t been able to *******te it since.

So guys there’s gotta be a solution out there, because it just worked for me. I have two theories:

1) I read about needing matching series home button (e.g. LL = LL, ZA = ZA, etc)

2) There was a part of the home button that perhaps was damaged by water that caused a short that affected the check.

Thoughts please