Problem buying credits

HEllo have purchased volcano credits 4 days ago and nothing in my account yet.

this order details, please help.

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Order date 22.02.2016 15:21:02 Customer email [email protected] Delivery method Ship by email | Setup Shipping Invoice | Download Shipping Invoice Delivery price USD 0.00 Shipping Msg Shipping not available. Please contact us for shipping fee. Shipping Date 0000-00-00 Payment method Paypal Payment price USD 0.55 Order weight 0.00 Vaucher code
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View Product Page VolcanoBox 10 Credits
ProductID: 2167;
Color: Not available;
Model: Credits;
Stock On Production. Contact your sales rep. for more information;
UnitPrice: USD10.00
Unit Discount: USD0.00
Quantity: 1

Total: USD10.00