Problem cyclone box with after update

Establishing Connection with Box in Main Mode…
Handling device: [Cyclone Team], [Cyclone Bootloader], [Platform: Classic]
Handling device: [Cyclone Team], [Cyclone Box], [Platform: Classic]
Initializing box…
Box Firmware: Cyclone Main Application v02.20, (Aug 6 2013 20:31:40, gcc v4.3.3, RTOS V6.0.1), Type: Signed Production Application, (C) KarwosSoft 2012
Hardware Platform: Cyclone Classic Flasher Interface (c) 2008,2009 KarwosLabs
Box Serial Number: C0002671
HW Revision: A, Suitable for: Production, Case: First Plastic Case, MCU Manufacture Time: 2009, wk32
Initializing security card…
Card Serial Number: D5000108
Card Firmware Revision: 0109
Initialization has failed -> Security Card is expired.