PROBLEM Moto G3 XT1540 Bypass HELP

Good Guys, do the following post with the intention that people feel identified with this same problem do know and that experts from here we can take a little hand as possible. As detailed as possible to explain the problem and what I’ve tried so far:

Second-hand buy a Moto XT1540 G3 8GB Android 5.1.1 which the Factory reset I asked the previous owner’s account for reasons which will not explain q for not dwell on could not get more. The issue is that I have seen and read multiple tutorials which give different solutions but here is the great detail:

In the videos and tutorials but there are different solutions lie in first:

Have the Japanese keyboard, this model or version have no idea why Japanese keyboard does not have that so I can not go that way in the instrument settings to enable debugging.


Enter the privacy Motorola and select the text to the rest of the procedure hundreds of statutes and videos on the net, but I did not allow me to select any text, when I leave trodden on any of the words (not blue not links) this just vibrate a little and does nothing more, so I can not continue this process.

There is some method that I’m jumping or have not tried ??? I have reviewed and continue reviewing each of the statutes here and elsewhere q see all lie in these same processes. If I could just because access settings hagotodo the rest without any problem because the rest is easy, the detail is not to Enable USB debugging because I can not get to the settings.

I tried changing firmware to see if I get at least the keyboard and nothing, try installing a firmware of another model (and XT1563 XT1544) but does not accept it for obvious reasons.

Here I leave the photos to have more clear why I could not.