Problem of my dongle…help

This is my first thread in BST section. Sometime I am gonna ask help on unusual matter…

Few month ago ( Still in warranty ) I bought a BST dongle from a good company. It was not worked when I connect my laptop ( HP 620 win 7 32 bit ). At least not recognized by PC. No any moment in device manager… The red light on dongle lighting very low…. I mean not like normal. Then I thought its not working. But when I connect it another PC it detected. Now I am working with it with my another lap ( its old little bit ) .

The problem is its not working with my lap and working with other all PC that i can connect it. But I wanna connect it my lap. What can I do? other all box and dongles working normally with my lap ( over 15 boxes and dongles with me ) .
I cannot return this because its working. Whatever with the shipping cost I cannot return it.
Is there any solution I can do ?:confused::confused::confused: