Problem with dongle number in BEST software

Hi! My dongle has number 000Axxxxxx
Here is info from dongle manager:


DongleManager [Infinity-Box] v1.64 [27.08.2016 12:19:13]
PC HWID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Box/Dongle searching...
Box/Dongle found: Main Infinity-Box/Dongle
Card-Reader: Axalto e-gate 0
HWID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Box/Dongle Serial No (S/N): 0Axxxxxx
Firmware version: 0132.02
"UK edition" status: Off

I registered on the IOS with login 000Axxxxxx and some years and now too it working.

But whan I do "Check user info" with BEST software it show login: 030Axxxxxx
and I can not use paid operation:


Card serial: 0Axxxxxx
Card type: BEST Dongle
Card password: 

Link to my account:
Login: 030Axxxxxx

Connecting to server...

Error with message : HTTP/1.1 500 Access denied `030Axxxxxx`

Please help to sove this problem. Thank you!