problem with downgrade modem and unlock problem with 6.0.1

for unlocking or imei repair for the samsung note4, s5, s6, s6edge, note5, s7, and the s7 edge with the canadian mordel. z3x is not support with the 6.0.1 firmware for some of the baseband. do you guys have to same problem?

im trying to downgrade those phones (w/ 6.0.1 software), but some of the baseband doesn’t allow me to downgrade, for example the s6 edge g925w8vlu4cpg2 is not able to downgrade to 5.1.1.

I use the odin and download firmware from sammobile. i try all different baseband of 5.1.1. but they all not work. is there anyone know how to solve the problem? or z3x will support the 6.0.1 unlock or imei repair soon?

some of the s7 and s7 edge are start not support with z3x unlocking. i dont know is because samsung update their security or i did something wrong.