Problem with touch HUAWEI_Y600-U20 after flashing

I am trying to flash HUAWEI_Y600-U20 (MT6572__HUAWEI__HUAWEI_Y600-U20__HWY600-U__4.2.2__Y600-U20V100R001C435B018)was on boot loop but after flashing touch didnot work. Even i have replace 3 different touch but nothing work for me. I also search in this forum some one have the same problem but they didnot mention the solution. If someone have any solution kindly share here because i am quite sure this is a firmware issue. i also tried with different build Y600-U20V100R001C435B012 and Y600-U20V100R001C435B014 and Y600-U20V100R001C435B018
nothing solve my problem.

thanks in advance.