QMobile i5 IMEI Repaire by GcProKey.

Qmobile i5 IMEI Number Repaire Done
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Selected Task MTK REPAIR 1

Searching ADB device Please wait..

Device Detected…
model:= QMobile i5
Androids Version:= 4.4.2
Description Version:= s4700-user 4.4.2 KOT49H eng.leo.1409139343 release-keys
hardware [ mt6582 ] [ unknown ]
Baseband:= MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V34, 2014/04/22 13:58
Network Mode := CDMA
Simstatus:= READY

IMEI-1 = null or empty

ANDROID-ID = 0123456789ABCDEF_0000678F5B
Detected su binary at /xbin
Detected su binary at /bin

type1 root exploit possible.
SU Version..3.54:kinguser_s
Device is Secure Rooted..uid=0
System Permission is Read/Write…
Starting MTK IMEI repair…

Found Access to baseband type 2…
Updating IMEI Please wait..

!!! SUCCESS !!!

Please Restart Phone By power off and on again…
Total Time Take…00:01:58

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