Qmobile r370 spd6531 read flash done


Action : Read Flash
 Boot : SC6531-NOR
 1.Remove Battery, Insert usb cable, Insert battery
 2.power off Phone, Remove & Reinsert Battery , insert USB Cable
 (bootkey's  Volume Down or volume up)
 Waiting for Phone Usb....
 Phone found : SCI USB2Serial (COM9)
 Bootstrap: SPRD3
 Connected done.
 sending 1st boot...
 FDL test...OK
 SC Boot Ver  : 6531
 SC Boot Mode : 6531000100005A00
 Loading CST Boot image to RAM...
 The CST Boot runs normally.
 CHIP    : 65310001
 CPU ID  : 65310001
 NOR ID  : 00EF004000160000
 NOR Size : 4MB
 NOR Name : SF_W25Q32BV

 Boot Information completed.
 Dummping Flash Image Now...
 Flash Image size : 4.00MB
 Saved to: C:\Users\asad\Desktop\R370 QMOBILE SPD6531
 Dummping Flash Image Completed.
 Action completed
 Time taken : 00:00:37
 Reconnect Battery/USB Cable
 CS-Tool Ver 1.38