Qmobile W 50 failed to read flash

Qmboile failed to read flash plz solve this

Action : Read Flash
Boot : SC7731_SDRAM2-EMMC
1.Remove Battery, Insert usb cable, Insert battery
2.power off Phone, Remove & Reinsert Battery , insert USB Cable
(In Case Some Phone Required to hold bootkey)
Waiting for Phone Usb….
Phone found : SPRD U2S Diag (COM59)
Bootstrap: SPRD3
Connected done.
sending 1st boot…
waiting for ack…
Reconnect is ok
1st boot done.
Sending 2nd boot…
2nd boot done.
Checking H/W report info…
Read info is done.

Reading Project Property …

Brand : QMobile
Phone Model : QMobile W50
Android Ver : 5.1
CPU/Processor : SP7731GEA_HD_V1.0.0
SPD Project ver : sp7731geahdplusoversea-user 5.1 LMY47D eng.linux.20151102.103135 release-keys
SW Version : QMobileW50_MP_10_30
Making dir: F:\backup\spd_7731_EMMC_SE2_QMobile W50_QMobileW50_MP_10_30_20160618_175156\…[ok]

Dumping Flash Image Now…
Reading splloader…ok
Reading uboot…ok
Reading recovery…
Error: failed to read partition [ recovery ]; code=3

Action completed
Time taken : 00:00:23
Reconnect Battery/USB Cable
CS-Tool Ver 1.44.1
Created: 6/18/2016 5:52:06 PM