Qmobile x2 pattren unlock done with hua after format userdata


Power off Phone and Detach Battery from Phone then Reinsert that, then Connect USB Cable
Searching For Phone...
Prepairing... OK
Configuring... OK
HW Type : MT6571
Chip Map ID : 6572:8A00:CA01:0000
Boot Rom Ver : 0xFF (Not Supported)
BootLoader Ver : 0x01
Prepairing DA Loader...
DA Loader : MTK_AllInOne_DA_v7.1533.03
DA Init Ver : 4
Uploading Preloader... OK
Verifying... OK
Storage Type: NAND
Uploading Loader... OK
Nand Flash ID : 0x0011 - [KINGSTON] KTN0403CS_TCR1
Nand Flash Size : 0x20000000 Byte
Nand Flash Dev Code : AD:BC:90:55:56:AD:BC
Reading Partition Table... OK
Erasing 'Userdata'... OK