qmobile x90 v2 not clean virus

qmobile x90 v2 not clean virus
two times scan but not clean
Analysis of USB port,Please insert phone USB cable.
Hardware version:CA01
Software version:0000
SecCfgVal :0x00000000
BromVersion :0xFF
BLVersion :0x01
Boot downloading complete!
EMMC_BOOT1_SIZE: 0x00200000
EMMC_BOOT2_SIZE: 0x00200000
EMMC_PRMB_SIZE: 0x00200000
EMMC_GP1_SIZE: 0x00000000
EMMC_GP2_SIZE: 0x00000000
EMMC_GP3_SIZE: 0x00000000
EMMC_GP4_SIZE: 0x00000000
EMMC_USER_SIZE: 0x1D3000000(7.30 G)

Analysis of system files…
PRELOADER: addr:0x000000 –length:0xC00000
MBR: addr:0xC00000 –length:0x080000
EBR1: addr:0xC80000 –length:0x080000
PRO_INFO: addr:0xD00000 –length:0x300000
NVRAM: addr:0x1000000 –length:0x500000
PROTECT_F: addr:0x1500000 –length:0xA00000
PROTECT_S: addr:0x1F00000 –length:0xA00000
SECCFG: addr:0x2900000 –length:0x020000
UBOOT: addr:0x2920000 –length:0x060000
BOOTIMG: addr:0x2980000 –length:0x600000
RECOVERY: addr:0x2F80000 –length:0x600000
SEC_RO: addr:0x3580000 –length:0x040000
MISC: addr:0x35C0000 –length:0x080000
LOGO: addr:0x3640000 –length:0x300000
EXPDB: addr:0x3940000 –length:0xA00000
ANDROID: addr:0x4340000 –length:0x72B00000
CACHE: addr:0x76E40000 –length:0xE200000
USRDATA: addr:0x85040000 –length:0x4C800000
FAT: addr:0xD1840000 –length:0x8C0000
BMTPOOL: addr:0xFFFF00A8 –length:0x1500000

Format addr:0x85040000 –Format length:0x4C800000
Read phone information success.
Check the data complete.
Clear virus complete.
>>Before power on the phone, please do a format, clear the user data…