Qmobile Z8 flashing error

i always get same error on kk and lollipop both firmwares.Any solution please:confused:

PATCH: Fail Code: 10
Patch unsuccessful, aborting
Download Fail:System.Exception: Failed to Upload the emmc images to the phone using Firehose.

at QC.QMSLPhone.Phone.QPHONEMS_UploadEmmcImages_FireH ose(String rawprogramfile1, String patchfile1, String rawprogramfile2, String patchfile2, String rawprogramfile3, String patchfile3, String rawprogramfile4, String patchfile4, String rawprogramfile5, String patchfile5, String rawprogramfile6, String patchfile6, String rawprogramfile7, String patchfile7, String rawprogramfile8, String patchfile8, String rawprogramfile9, String patchfile9, String rawprogramfile10, String patchfile10, Single& imageSizeInMB, Single& throughput, Int32 NumberOfFiles)

at QC.SwDownloadDLL.SwDownload.FireHoseDownloadImage( Boolean bResetPhone, List`1 rawprogramFilesList, List`1 patchFilesList, Single& fImageSizeInMB, Single& fThroughput)
Download Fail:FireHose Fail FireHose Fail
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