question about imei encryption in samsung

some info and question about the imei encryption on samsung imei (exynos)

there are 3 files located in /data/misc/radio

/data/misc/radio/ahrh = AES Encrypted Imei
/data/misc/radio/mgzc = AES KEY
/data/misc/radio/dakl = AES IV

decypted is 15 bytes imei then 0x00 then checkdigit then 15 times 0x00 end with 4D

ex: 33353331363330353437353932313100310000000000000000 0000000000004D

but those files are rewritten on phone boot..
so the imei is also stored in the NV_DATA.bin

anyone know how it’s encoded there ?
i have 32 bytes for the imei

7C5F2D7611F15BF9E8A71D70387639DC7879FA3A8A80548380 05BA39F33C1108

and then another 16 bytes

the imei number corresponding with this is: 353163054759211