Question about unlocked LG V10 H901…..

Hi Octopus team I have a question. Before the software did not offer support for the LG G4, H818 model, but I was still able to perform the unlock by telling the software it was a D852 LG G3. It worked! So I was able to unlock an LG G4 by saying its a G3 in model list. ALSO when I unlock a samsung Galaxy S4 i337m, it works when I select model i747m. So basically the program can unlock the s4 as an s3, and g4 as g3.
So I was able to unlock those phones before the software allowed the option of them. I was wondering if this will also work with the LG V10 T-Mobile H901. If I tell octopus software its VS990 do you think it would work too? Thanks.