R-SIM 10 and 10+ working

iPhone 5, locked to Tele2 Sweden working. First I had iOS 8.1 and everything was working fine, 2G, 3G, messages. Tested both with 64K and 128K card. Now as I got the new R-Sim 10+ I upgraded to iOS 9.3.1, also working fine. Only a couple of really small problems here. First the number shows as unknown, so you won’t be able to activate iMessage or FaceTime via your number. USSD codes won’t work without jailbreaking and modifying a CarrierBundle file. And there is no 2G-3G-LTE switch in the settings like unlocked phones do. 2G and 3G can be switched by downloading the GPP 3to2 app which only works for iOS 8.
I don’t really know why so many people are complaining as I got it working on many customer’s phones.