R-SIM 10+ not working on 6S Orange FR (iOS 9.2.1)

Hi guys, i’ve got a problem with my R-Sim 10+ (which is an original one, i’ve checked on their official website) and my iPhone 6S (128Go, simlocked on Orange France GSM and running iOS 9.2.1)
The issue is that when i configure everything as the R-Sim team told, the phone keeps searching the carrier or shows "no service", sometimes when it connects a bit on the network, it shows "Orange F" instead of "Free" and when i go on system informations and click on "network" it says "sim non autorisée" which means "unauthorized sim".
Of course i’ve tested my sim card on a factory unlocked phone and it works well so the problem isn’t from my sim card.

I’ve made a video to show you my issue

youtube com/watch?v=P4bTgj3kf4c (add a dot between youtube and com)

Thanks in advance