Read HASH on Nokia 2730c WITHOUT a box

Hey guys.

I have a few Nokia 2730c that I’d like to unlock(on eBay) so I need the HASH for them.

I don’t own any kind of unlocking hardware so I tried to read the HASH with BEST Infinitybox software but I’m getting the error

" Error, this CPU not supported yet "


I also tried with NssPro_0.54 and it hangs after this:

Checking selection…Supported(USB) interface selected.
Init connection…Done.
Check backup…Done.
Read SW version…Done.
SW Version: V 09.41 02-12-09 RM-579 (c) Nokia
Read imei…Done.
IMEI number: 356058030671145
Read Permanent memory: section 120, key 0…Done.
Data: 80000000000000003026100076705775…
Read Permanent memory: section 120, key 1…Done.
Data: F19009B63AE222E6E90043E27E95F1C1…
Read Permanent memory: section 120, key 2…Done.
Data: 2FD3F5DFA61DC691DEC76E2E3E7B48AA…
Read Permanent memory: section 120, key 3…Done.
Data: 00000000000000000000000000000000…
Profile Bits: 8000000000000000
Detecting simlock type from data…
This phone has old SL3 type of simlock server running.
Auto restart to flash mode…Done.
Init connection…

I’ve read you can read the HASH only by FBUS but I’m assuming you need a box to do that(I’m a noob when it comes to unlocking Nokia, that’s why I go to eBay).

The big question is: is there a way to read the HASH without a box ?!?

I’d really appreciate some help.