Recovery tablet with broken microusb

Helo, I have a big problem, my chinese tablet (Cube u25gt4w or Vonino orin qs (in my country) have broken micro-usb port because I dropped her down while charging, AND besides this, I entred in bootloop without I flash or install anything…
It’s possible to bring to life this tablet?
I tried to resolder the broken port, but, I don’t have any chance to succes 🙁
My motherboard have DM and DP pins, it’s possible to connect in some way to PC with this pins?
Also he have URXD0, UTXD0, URXD1 and UTXD1, which I understand is for serial cable or something like this, but I’m not sure if it’s possible to connect a usb cable to this pins.
All I want is to somehow connect the PC, then I will flash stock firmware wich is simple.
Please help me, any suggestions is a good point to start.
I apologize for any grammatical mistake.