redmi note dual sim sof deat plz help me

Hello To Everyone
i am having a problem in my xiaomi redmi note 4g dual sim
i was trying to update via phone and unfortunately my device
got off and never wake ups….i think have been bricked my phone
so tried of flashing via Miflash like the procedure i am doing is
miflash run as admin
browse and select folder which i have is dior_image_5.1.23_4.4_cn then ok
and from advance fastboot script browse
and select flash all except data storage its a windows batch file and open then ok
now i connect my phone into pc it detected as Forge HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COM3)
then refesh i get com3 in a window and click dat and press flash and
i get 2s reached the end of the file.(0x80070026: Receiving hello packet)

can anybody help solve this problem
thanks ….