Refund Me Now. I cant Wait More Days.

Refund Me Now. Many Time Mailing You. Solve Issue. Its Everyday Saying me today. Will Solve. Almost 5 Days Gone? this is Support?

Refund me I told you a lot of time. Solve issue. Solve Issue. You have no Any Care IF Any Person mailing You? this is Your support?
Client now go way and sending sn to other person.

Don’t say me after it’s off etc. I want refund just now

To much bad support
I mailing you. A lot of time
Solve issue solve issue
Delivery time 1-24 hours

All doing instant unlock

You taking 5 days for verification ?
Instant unlock service client can wait for 5 days for verification ? For instant service ?

I lost my all client with your bad service

562# iCloud Removing Service with serial (For ipad Wifi Only, Mac, ipods and iwatch) 100%

Order : 4742861
Code : done
Submited On : 2016/08/26 00:58:26
Replied on :2016/08/26 09:06:28

Order : 4741085
Code : DONE
Submited On : 2016/08/25 01:55:13
Replied on :2016/08/25 08:49:51

IM Waiting For Refund My Money.