Regarding New Security on N920T FRP Reset, Searching React, Erasing React: error

Hello to all, anyone having issues with Z3X FRP/Samsung/EE reset on latest security update the phones have taken, receiving this log Searching FRP, Erasing FRP: OK, Searching Reactivation Lock, Erasing Reactivation Lock: error, you can fix this issue downgrading to the most recent firmware available, I promise it works I downgraded the N920T, well actually I used first just the four files the sboot, cm, system, and boot, made two tar files with the combined four files. Using the most previous firmware. I then put in download mode, used the Z3X tool for the FRP/Samsung/EE reset, and voila! It worked. After getting through the process I flashed the entire firmware back, its been working on all models. If you need help past what I have written PM me I will attempt to respond asap. I wanted any one having this issue to see it immediately.