Repair Touch

We are the professional touch panel supplier. And we offer the touch as the list below and also all the touch model for ADVAN tablets(Indonesia). Please view our website: Universal Display

Brand Moudule Structure Size Resolution
HuaWei Honor 4X GF 5.5 720X1280
HuaWei Honor 4A GF 5 720X1280
HuaWei G520(-5000) GF 4.7 540X960
HuaWei Y320 GF 4 480X854
HuaWei G610 GF 5 720X1280
HuaWei C8818 GF 5 720X1280
HuaWei Y220 GF 3.5 480X800
HuaWei Y300 GF 4 480X854
HuaWei G621 GF 5 540X960
HuaWei 4C GF 5 540X960
HuaWei S7 GFF 7 1024X600
HuaWei 601W GFF 7 1024X600
Mei Zu No Blue note1 GF 5.5 720X1280
Mei Zu No Blue note2 GF 4.7 1080×1280
ZTE V880 GF 3.5 320X480
SumSang 7562 GF 4 480X800
SumSang 7568 GF 4 480X800
SumSang 7572 GF 4 480X800
SumSang 6380 GF 4.5 540X960
SumSang 3609 GF 4.5 540X960
Xiao Mi Mi 1 GF 4 540X960
Xiao Mi Mi 2 GF 4 540X960
Xiao Mi Red Mi1 GF 4.7 720X1280
Xiao Mi Red Mi2 GFF 4.7 720X1280
Xiao Mi Red Mi note1 GFF 5 720X1280
Xiao Mi Red Mi note2 GFF 5 720X1280
Xiao Mi Red Mi note3 GFF 5 720X1280