[Req] Need/Addition of new sec

It’s been while , i haven’t posted anything but this didn’t keep me away from this marvelous Forum , no matter how many us are posting in forum but all of us visit’s daily and thats what make this forum superior.
As we daily use this forum so we all have our own thoughts and views about certain things and i think its better to listen others.
idk if this is correct way or not but i want to
humbly request admin’s : @Neo , @AboAli , @ZFrank and @Winner58 and S.mods/Mods Kindly Make a section about Site suggestions and Help or make a sub section in off-topic/Forum Announcements ,Whatever you guys think will look good.

In that section we normal users can express which changes we look to and old users will help new members about use of forum in better way.
Personally i have few things in my mind to suggest but first of all, i thought we need a section for such conversation.
I have seen the whole forum ,wish m not making a mistake of skipping the existence of such section and if it so , Kindly comment the section link below ,Thanks