request information about “UFS Turbo Support Token”

hi all,

I have bought a new hwk UFS TURBO box but i didn’t find any label under it
the box is working
i want to access to product support
is it possible to know my "UFS Turbo Support Token" from this information

Serial: TMA11520453
HID: D1A21E3142600062, HWK: A1.04-PRO1
SID: 15A25F2FDC53B13A95FCA8622AA4F4A97DEC0406
XID: 900EFFE86D8E0AB5D5CB47716B11BBB80AE23A89
LIC: True
BoxStat : Ok
Firmware: Ok
Your IP:
Support: Account Ok

if not possible, is there any other solution to know my "UFS Turbo Support Token"

thanks for all