Reset Counter Unlock Attempts on LG G4

Hello everyone !

I have customer want to unlock LG G4 from Fido Canada,

i have the unlock code NCK and all other SPCK SIMCK.
we have do all attempts without success,

on swiftunlocks website i see instructions for unlocking LG from Fido,
Fido/Telus/METROPCS/TESCO have to be entering unlock code in that way:

Require Both code NCK and SPCK for Fido LG G4

i dont know how the way we have to put the code so i try all possible ways

i type NCK and get "sim card unlock code failed" message
i type SPCK and get same error mention
i try to type NCK and after getting error type SPCK and the inverse way and get always same message.

now i want to know how to reset the counter of unlock attempts because we are at 10/10 unlock attempts made 🙁
in the way we cannot reset the counter and cant do any more attempts by code, do it exist a usb method or something to unlock it by a computer.

Thank you for your support 😀

Have a nice day Everyone !