RIFF-Box eMMC JTAG Manager [BETA 4]

JTAG Manager [BETA 4]
– Added eMMC Firmware Reading option (firmware is stored in *.riffemmcfw format)
For firmware read need to select chip from the list
– *.riffemmcfw eMMC firmware files are now used by RIFF for firmware updates (plain binary files are supported too)
– Added elapsed time info for eMMC firmware update stages
– Added eMMC Testpoint info displaying (info files must be downloaded from support and are located in the JTAG Manager’s ‘Documents’ folder.
– Added CMD42 Lock/Unlock functionality for eMMC. User can set/change/remove password to protect/unprotect (lock/unclock) the User Area Partition
– Added the User Area Partition Forced Erase to erase Locked User Area Partition and to reset Device lock/unlock state and password (CMD42’s consequences)
– Added Samsung Factory Erase which erases and re-formats the Samsung eMMC chips.

Firmware 1.38.6b
– Improved one thing in the emmc communication
– Added the CMD42 Lock/Unlock/Pasword reset features
– Added Forced erase of locked User Area Partition
– Added Samsung eMMC Factory Format

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