RIFF JTAG Manager v1.57_beta3, Firmware 1.38_5b

Here is RIFF JTAG Manager with eMMC read/write support TAB.

Place it in separate folder and add at least one DLL into "Resurrectors" folder.
First time it’s started, You’ll be asked to download license.
In case that You get warning that Your account is expired, please let me know.

RJ45 port is used to communicate with eMMC. Please check attached pinout.
Note that SD_VCC can be used from external source, as long as grounding terminals are connected.

What can You do for now:

– Read eMMC areas /analog to ROM1 ~x/
– Write eMMC areas /analog to ROM1 ~c/
– Read eMMC RAM /read firmware/

Please report Your experience together with logs and screenshots, in separate topics.


habeeb kambrath