Robbed a few days ago, starting again.. ¿Any Sigma, Z3x or Octupus?

Hello guys, first of all sorry for my english but im doing my best.

Im from Mexico, and as you know we are living hard times, kidnapping, murders, drug traffic, etc. So, some days ago i was victim of the crime.

I lost almost everything, money, clients cellphones, a lot of items, even tools and boxes so im starting again from nothing (really, nothing).

Sincerely i can not pay the price of new boxes so i would like to buy used ones.

This is what im looking for:
Sigma (whit 2 packs) / Or SmartClip
Octoplus (Samsung & LG packs)
Z3x (just in case if i can not found the octoplus)

I think i can start whit this, and really… Ill be very grateful whit your help guys.

Im aware that im not an active member, but im always reading.

Thanks in advance.